Geissberger Farmhouse Cider

Garry and Gord Geissberger

GeissbergerGeissberger Farmhouse Cider has been producing sweet apple cider since 1970. The cider mill started with our Grandfather, dairy farmer, Hans Geissberger who immigrated from Switzerland with his wife Emma in 1925. The cider mill is still located on a section of their farm. After 51 years there are some interesting stories to tell. Although our parents and Grandparents are not with us anymore the tradition lives on.

In 2012 we did a total equipment upgrade from a stationary cider mill to Ontario’s first (and still only) Mobile Apple Cider Mill and in the fall we spend our days travelling the province pressing apples for other farms as well as our own.  The bag-in-the-box packaging still allows us to use our Grandfather’s recipe. ”No Preservatives!” and the unrefrigerated shelf-life is now, a year, unopened.  We also produce a variety of non-alcoholic sparkling ciders and apple cider vinegar and immune-boosting “Fire” Cider Vinegar.    In 2020 we obtained our license which allows us to produce our own line of “Hard” Apple Ciders.

All of our apple cider is made from apples from the Region of Durham and not from concentrate. We also work closely with Durham Health Dept., Ministry of Agriculture and Canadian Food and Inspection Agency to produce a healthy and safe cider.

Our farm is located just east of Oshawa on Langmaid Road, Clarington, just north of Taunton Road.

Geissberger Farmhouse Cider


Garry & Gord Geissberger
Farm House Cider
5345 Langmaid Rd. Hampton, Ont. L0B 1J0
(Use Clarington not Hampton for a GPS)

Phone: 905-728-8674