We are Petra and Martin, and our love for honey bees and beeswax began in 2014. We started with 5 hives and have grown to 17 hives in year two and will continually grow a little bit each year. The excitement of opening hives in the spring, regular checkups of the brood throughout the summer months, the sweet smell of the honey in the bee yard, collecting the liquid gold and then prepping for the winter is just a small window into our bee world.  We are still a small local producer and have the opportunity to try different methods of taking care of our bees and the eventual end product of nature’s honey and pure beeswax candles.

3BeezBuzz HoneyWe do have the infamous “Flow Hive” from Australia and are amazed how wonderful it is.  Yes, we do sell honey from this hive….unfiltered raw honey.  Our bee yards are in the Enniskillen Valley with quite an assortment of wildflowers that keep our bees quite happy throughout the season.  We sell pure natural raw honey and pure Ontario beeswax candles all year. Our beautifully turned wood accessories complement any lifestyle. Thinking of the ultimate graduation, retirement, birthday, or any special occasion come see our beautifully turned local Enniskillen wooden products.  We have quite a selection of  large and small bowls, candle holders, corkscrews and knick knacks.  A gift for someone special or just you!

Our Valley View Bed & Breakfast

The quiet serenity that emanates from the Enniskillen valley relieves the busiest lifestyles – allows you time to “smell the flowers”.  Sunsets are timeless when taking evening tea on the porch listening to nothing but nature.  Retire to your suite.  Pamper yourselves.  Then wake-up to breakfast and our own freshly roasted coffee with a view second to none.  The big discussion will be whether to stay longer.


Petra & Martin
50 Barton Road
Enniskillen (Clarington), ON, Canada

Phone:  905-263-8889
Toll free: 1.888.681.6079
“Watch the seasons unfold!“

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