Gallery on the Farm

Gallery on the Farm is a fifth generation family owned business that currently raises certified organic beef. We moved from dairy to grass fed organic beef in 2005 and continued our freezer meat business on a much larger scale. Our products encourage the use of all meat from tip to tail. We encourage people to return to their roots of using grass fed beef and for those who are not familiar with the various cooking processes of certain cuts we sell, we offer a quick over the counter cooking glass that matches their purchase.

gallery-on-the-farm-viewWe have some wonderful local artisans who are an integral part of our on farm store. We offer their talents through bath and personal products, wood turned items, maple syrup, honey, apple cider, quilting, pottery, jewelry, handcrafted cards and Thornloe cheese. Our in house artist, Eric Bowman, also displays his work in the shop gallery. We are usually open but encourage you to call and check our hours for that day. Check our website for more information.

Gallery on the FarmContact

Eric and Jenny Bowman
Gallery on the Farm
1721 Region Rd #3
Enniskillen. Ontario

Phone:  905 263-8245