Rosemary Jenkins Pottery

Specializing in conversation pieces in pottery, metal and wood.

Rosemary Jenkins TeapotRosemary Jenkins Pottery is inspired by her personal needs in the kitchen as well as her customer’s needs.  The vessels become handmade conversation pieces to share with family and friends.

In 2006 Rosemary was captivated by the endless possibilities of clay and she has been working with the medium ever since.

Specializing in wheel thrown, functional, stoneware pottery.  She also creates functional one of a kind hand built vessels. Each piece is designed focusing on form then function and then back to form.   Many of the vessels are decorated at various stages by: carving, stamping, adding to or altering the clay.  All work is glazed by dipping, pouring, or brushing and then fired in  her electric kiln.

You will also see her husband Dan’s unique wood and metal creations. Dan is both a wood turner and metal artist.  He uses nature as his materials and inspiration.

Rosemary is passionate about pottery and Dan is passionate about wood and metal.

Rosemary Jenkins

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At this time we are offering Porch Pick up Only.

Sugar Bowls


Contact me for porch pickup in Enniskillen, Ontario (just north of Bowmanville)

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2144 Regional Road # 3
Enniskillen, ON L0B 1J0

Here is how to contact me:

or call (905)-410-1035